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Concrete Floors & Steps in Toronto

Bob Masonry specializes in the construction of concrete floors and steps.

Our concrete structures are designed to be durable, long-lasting and easy to maintain.

Concrete Steps Solutions

Bob Masonry provides customized steps solutions to private homeowners. Whether you want a staircase that is the central focus of your house or one that is out of sight, we guarantee concrete stairs that offer optimal functionality.

We work in compliance with local building codes and regulations while also catering to your project requirements. For strong and durable staircases, call us!

We work in compliance with local building codes and regulations


Concrete Floors & Steps Toronto

Concrete Floor Services for Your Home

Not all concrete floors are created equal. Because each type of floor comes with requirements, you will need an expert to find the right solution that works for your home.

At Bob Masonry, our contractors have years of experience in providing tailored floor solutions for different construction projects. We pride ourselves on building concrete floors that are properly sealed and do not crack.

Give your home a makeover with a new concrete floor


Concrete Floors & Steps Toronto

The Pros of Concrete Flooring

Resilient to damage
Requires minimum maintenance
Easy to renovate

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