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Masonry Contractor in Toronto

Based in Toronto, Bob Masonry is a masonry contractor specializing in excavation and demolition.

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New Build and Renovation Projects

Concrete structures and buildings are known to be durable and timeless. From renovating damaged buildings and laying foundations to creating impressive facades, our team has the experience and skills to deliver a flawless project on-time and on-budget.

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We create durable and strong structures


Masonry contractor Toronto

Our Services

At Bob Masonry, our focus is to exceed customer expectations by delivering superior end results. To offer unparalleled service, we meticulously work on every aspect of bricklaying and concrete finishing.

We take into consideration structural limitations such as low tensile strength and try various techniques to improve it by thickening the walls or building masonry piers. For a customized masonry service, contact us.

We guarantee quality craftsmanship


Masonry contractor Toronto

Why Choose Concrete Masonry?

Non-combustible product
Weather resistant
Protection from rot and mould

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